KALULU's debut album Hoax stuns and astounds with songs ranging from howling rock guitars and experimental dance to intimite laments and melodious dreams. This album brings together a multitude of instruments and styles into a highly individual mix that will resonate in your very core. Hoax has been an ongoing project since 2014 but was finished at Studio Joneski (Sam Jones, who recorded, amongst others, Kapok and Eefje de Visser) during the summer of 2015.

Official Trailer
Watch the new Hoax trailer right here!

Hoax was created in cooperation with all KALULU band members and: 
Sam Jones, Joost Wesseling, Okke Punt, Romain Bly, Robert-Jan Looysen,
Kobi Arditi (K.O. Brass), Dinaira Scheffers, Frank Goverts, Elise Polman,
Lisa Lukaszczyk, Wannes Salomé, Mink Quispel, Willem Schonenberg,
Joost Wesseling, Younes Kadri, Anne Punt, Anouk Hendriks,
Michelle Virginie Alblas, Tamara Woestenburg, Sophie Reekers.